A Premier Renovation, Design, and Construction Agency: RAAD

Restaurant Assets and Design is a restaurant renovation and construction firm based in California. The company was founded twenty years ago by Scott Reed, who to this day continues to personally oversee each renovation and construction job that the firm is called upon to handle. Joined by a team of well-trained and highly qualified building and design specialists, Scott works to ensure the highest quality of service to clients from the Bay Area and other communities in and around southern California.

Core focus

Restaurant Assets and Design is primarily a restaurant renovation firm. The company provides a full range of conceptualization, planning, design, and construction services for restaurant owners and operators who wish to revitalize their operations. Essentially serving as a “rescue” solutions provider for restaurants that are experiencing poor sales, reduced clientele, and less than optimum market presence, Restaurant Assets and Design helps improve the appearance and functionality of restaurants with the goal of spurring on a renewed period of growth and profitability.

Restaurant Assets and Design is equally focused on renovating existing establishments as it is on building new restaurants from the ground up. Whether the client request involves the renovation of a specific section of the restaurant, the addition of a new section, top-to-bottom restoration/renovation, or restaurant construction from conception to completion, Restaurant Assets is able to handle the need with its characteristic professionalism and attention to detail.

Full range of services

Restaurant Assets and Design offers its services as a one-stop solution for all types and sizes of restaurants. Some of the services that the company provides are:

  • Design and layout of all types of restaurants and food service establishments
  • Sales of restaurant equipment packages combining new and reconditioned equipment
  • Full range of restaurant furnishing
  • Leasing and financing plans specifically tailored to the restaurant industry
  • Professional consultation services for every aspect of the food service industry

These are only some of the services that Restaurant Assets and Design is prepared to offer to its clients. A more comprehensive listing of the company’s extensive range of products and services is available on its official website.


With its long history of servicing the needs of various types of restaurants and food establishments, Restaurant Assets brings unparalleled versatility and professionalism to the industry in which it serves. Although the company primarily services independently-owned restaurants, its clientele also comprises individual franchise restaurant units, school cafeterias, community food programs, markets, hotels, resorts, country clubs, churches, and more.

Business approach

Restaurant Assets and Design espouses a company policy of “listening before talking”. This is applied to each and every consultation, with Restaurant Assets’ representatives first hearing the client out before making any suggestions. Knowing fully well that most clients have specific visions and goals with regard to renovation and construction, Restaurant Assets first determines what these needs are via a face-to-face meeting. Based on the client’s requests and requirements, the Restaurant Assets team then presents a detailed proposal for the project, taking into consideration the client’s business objectives, budget, and design preferences. For venture capital opportunities, visit here.



Noteworthy Editorial: Restaurant Rescue!

As noted by Newswire, the Roseville-based company recently topped the charts as a premier consulting firm within the United States. With their extensive expertise in the renovation industry, RAAD had developed into one of the leading firms in restaurant design.

Restaurant Assets has established efficient solutions for the problematic issues of small business owners throughout the American West. They have a complete team of established professionals who will cater to the specific needs of each individual client. They have recently offered a complete overhaul in design to a chain called Chewy’s. More details can be found here.